Tronsmart T6 Plus Bluetooth Speaker Evaluation

Tronsmart T6 Plus Bluetooth Speaker
Tronsmart T6 Plus Bluetooth Speaker

Tronsmart T6 Plus Bluetooth speaker and power financial institution have upgraded for making it among the best budget Bluetooth speakers.

Should I acquire the Tronsmart T6 Plus Bluetooth Speaker?


  • Great noise
  • Waterproof, sturdy style
  • NFC pairing
  • Stereo pairing
  • Good battery life


  • I can’t see just how much battery continues to be
  • Ports are not water-resistant.
  • Charging USB gadgets is sluggish.

Our Verdict

An outstanding budget Bluetooth speaker that excites top sound quality as well as connectivity.

Tronsmart T6 Plus complete testimonial

As a sub- ₤, 100 Tronsmart’s T6 Plus Bluetooth speaker was already a good offering, but a handful of tweaks make this upgraded version seriously worth your factor to consider.

It’s a primary method, however, one that substantially enhances the audio efficiency: Tronsmart has taken among the two 20W chauffeurs inside the T6 Plus and repositioned it at the back. With speakers now facing front and back, this upgraded version is far more capable of providing 360-degree audio, filling up space with noise.

The business has included NFC, which makes coupling it with a smart device as simple as touching your phone on the speaker’s front. It will indeed still couple over Bluetooth 5.0. However, it’s a quicker and less fiddly remedy than first browsing your Bluetooth menu and then looking for and linking to the T6 Plus.

The style has had a refresh, also, and this Bluetooth speaker is currently fully round with switches that are much less bouncy and have an even more responsive action. It does give it rather less attractive adverse effects of continually rolling along when you put it on its side on a flat surface area, nevertheless.

That is not a clever speaker because it does not have a voice aide built-in, yet one of its many ‘smarts’ is its ability to access the voice aide on your smartphone. We were able to gain access to Google Assistant by holding the quantity and pushing the button down for several secs.

Design & Build

We examined the black variation of the Tronsmart T6 Plus, but it’s additionally readily available and looks great in a two-tone black and also red.

The Tronsmart is waterproof, ranked IPX6, which indicates it is splashproof and rainproof instead of fully submersible. It has a sturdy instead of sophisticated design, as well as feels built to last.

Combining ABS plastic with a lightweight aluminum quantity wheel and meshed material covering many of the body, it’s the little bit that doesn’t get harmonized that lets down Tronsmart. With merely a thin plastic strip adding the middle for Tronsmart to pack every little thing into, it has crammed every little thing right into it.

Here you’ll locate a Tronsmart logo design, an NFC badge, miss back/rewind, and also miss forward/fast-forward buttons, a microphone, an EQ switch for changing between the three audio modes, an M button for factory resetting the speaker. Switching links or unpairing tools, a power button, a rather ugly rubber flap that protects USB-A, USC-C, microSD, AUX ports from water access. The necessary but unsightly blurb covers power specifications, quality assurances, and so forth.

Quantity controls are at the top, with an aluminum click wheel that supplies an enjoyable click as you go up or down through each volume degree, maxing out with a distinct beep.

It’s from under this click wheel that a LED shines blue to signify Bluetooth pairing. In contrast, the wheel gets also utilized as a button for playing and stopping songs, answering, finishing, redialing, and rejecting phone calls, or activating the voice assistant on the combined tool.

All that might sound not very easy, yet the T6 Plus is exceptionally intuitive to set up and use. The adjustments to the design in this upgraded version likewise appear mostly favorable, and also, we can live with its need to roll about a level surface area.

For a mobile speaker, it’s worth discussing Tronsmart’s size and weight: it is something of a monster at 750g and 210x84x84mm.

That is understandable when you consider there is a 6600mAh battery inside, really two 3300mAh cells. And necessarily so: the T6 Plus can offer up to 15 hrs audio playback (at 50% volume), and likewise works as a power financial institution – albeit a slow one, delivering a charge to linked gadgets at simply 5W, but it’s useful in emergencies. We would certainly be much more impressed were it simpler to tell just how much power the speaker had left.

The USB-A port concealed under the rubber flap has an additional function, enabling you to connect a USB flash drive (as much as 32GB) and play songs stored on it. Combined with microSD assistance up to 32GB and Bluetooth streaming, getting your music to play on the speaker is easy.

Audio Quality

This T6 Plus speaker has Tronsmart’s very own SoundPulse formula built in. Portable audio speakers aren’t typically able to match set audio speakers on high audio quality because they don’t have the same power outcome. Yet, Tronsmart uses customized car-grade power cells to amplify the speaker’s power supply by an aspect of five. Its SoundPulse formula then skillfully distributes this power, individually processing the various parts of the audio range.

Combined with the T6 Plus’ twin 20W chauffeurs and a dual-passive radiator, SoundPulse can deliver well-balanced, clearly defined audio, expand the sound array, remove harsh sound, and boost bass amplifying piercing vocals, and minimize any distortion.

Or at least that’s what the marketing blurb states.

We found the T6 Plus extremely loud in our very own examinations – at 50%, it delivers 65dB. Even at max quantity, there is no hint of distortion or reduction in high audio quality, though battery life will generally degrade faster. Acquire a 2nd T6 Plus, and also, you can attach both as a stereo pair.

The brand-new positioning front and also back of both 20W speakers permits the Tronsmart to a lot more regularly fire audio around the space, causing an abundant sound experience despite where you rest.

There are three audio modes – Balanced, 3D, and also Deep Bass – and you actually can discriminate in between them, making some of our favorite tracks eminently extra satisfying. Bass is much punchier than we had even expected, as well as the T6 Plus is also really qualified when delivering clear and cozy vocals.

Audio streaming is feasible over Bluetooth 5.0, with the T6 Plus can keep the connection at approximately 66ft distance.


Tronsmart’s T6 Plus (Upgraded Edition) is among the most intelligent non-smart budget Bluetooth speakers we’ve examined. Not only is this rugged, waterproof speaker with the ability to drain room-filling, 360-degree sound from its two 20W vehicle drivers. But it can also add function as a 6600mAh power financial institution for emergency recharging of your phone or various other USB gadget and allow you to connect to your phone’s voice aide with a tap of its click wheel.

Audio high quality is outstanding, gaining from Tronsmart’s very own SoundPulse formula and a dual-passive radiator to deliver balanced and clearly defined audio, without any indication of distortion. Also, obtaining audio to the speaker could not be simpler, with support for microSD, USB flash drives, and Bluetooth streaming.

This upgraded model includes NFC connectivity, taking all the headaches out of pairing your mobile phone. Battery life is additionally respectable, offering up to 15 hours of playback at 50% quantity.

Purchase two as well, as you can make use of cordless stereo pairing.

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